Versa Tote Interchangeable Straps

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Style - Braided Straps for Versa Tote 

Includes: 2 braided vegan leather straps -

Packaging: Enhance the look of your Versa Tote with these Braided Straps. Crafted from vegan leather, these straps offer a stylish and durable option for personalizing your tote. With their braided design, they add a touch of sophistication to any Versa Tote style.

Style - Woven Strap for Versa Tote

Includes: 2 woven straps -Compatibility: Fits any Versa Tote style Elevate your Versa Tote with the Woven Strap. Featuring a stylish woven design, these straps add a chic touch to your tote. Each set includes two straps.

Style - Boho Guitar Straps

Includes: 2 woven guitar straps with vegan leather accents Enhance the aesthetic of your Versa Tote with these Boho Guitar Straps. Crafted with a woven design and adorned with vegan leather accents, these straps offer a stylish and versatile accessory for any Versa Tote style. Each pack contains two straps, providing flexibility and customization options for your tote ensemble.