Local impact

Two Sisters Boutique strives to maintain great relationships with neighboring businesses, as well as participate in joining the Rice Lake Main Street Association. We retail locally-made sheep milk products from Maple Hill Farm of Ladysmith, WI. In 2018 we added locally made Jewelry by Sarah Glaze. She is a long-time friend of owner, Darcy. Twin Ports Designs Jewelry was recently added to our shop which is also a Local Jewelery maker, Cari Larson. Wellness Products Locally Made by Dakota Wellness were added to our shop May 2020. 

We do what we can to donate and help those in need. We have done various promotions involving the local Humane Society, Homeless Shelter, and Food Drives for kids. We are proud to continue doing shopping for a cause events.

We are proud to partner with local companies and look forward to a great relationship with the surrounding areas. 

Photo Credit Erin Z Photography

Photo Credit Erin Z Photography

Love Local because Local Loves you Back!